wooden bench sofa with yellow bench cushion and checked scatter cushions
wooden bench sofa with yellow bench cushion and checked scatter cushions

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green bedroom pillow and wall stripe matched
green bedroom pillow and wall stripe matched

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pink sofa with beautiful cushions
pink sofa with beautiful cushions

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wooden bench sofa with yellow bench cushion and checked scatter cushions
wooden bench sofa with yellow bench cushion and checked scatter cushions

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Bespoke soft furnishings from Interior Dressing.Com

Whether it's for your home or your business, Interior Dressing.Com in Hounslow can provide the perfect set of soft furnishings no matter what style you're aiming for. To enquire, speak to our team today.

Welcome to Interior Dressing.com!

What do we do?

We are a ‘made to order soft furnishings' service with a design option. For those situations where you are unable to find your item in the retail sector, are overhauling your interior space and need something that matches or when there is a very specific requirement to suit your interior design plans.

We believe that no interior design is complete without soft furnishings, which is why we incorporated the word ‘interior’ into our business name. In fact, the right set of carefully thought-out soft furnishings can bring a very different look and feel to an interior space without the expense of a full interior design service. It's an affordable alternative that can bring you the change you're looking for.

For example, if you want an item to be plain and simple but the right colour or fabric was not readily available. Then these can be ordered directly from us without site visits or even a design plan. It's an affordable way to order items like curtains or cushions online.


Check out our range below

Purple Curtain
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Everything from conventional curtains to kitchen and bathroom options. Get the right set of curtains for your home or business premises with Interior Dressing.Com.

Roman blinds.jpg
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Control those light levels the easy way with a set of bespoke blinds from Interior Dressing.com. See what's possible, we deliver on design and measurements.

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Nothing quite brings style and subtlety like a set of perfectly designed cushions, whether it's anything from a scatter cushion to a pillowcase. Our team can provide the solution.


Pricing Guidelines

Our Pricing is graded along the following lines:

Premium: These may involve a site visit to match against surrounding decor/environment. It may involve a combination of 2 or more material types, as well as the use of accessories such as tassels, buttons, eyelets, piping, borders and tabs, lace, and as required, related fitting materials.

Mid-range: No more than 2 material types, may include trimmings, eyelets, borders and any necessary fitting accessories; is based on verbal consultations/ descriptions provided to us.

Basic: Will involve one material type only, with minimal design requirements, may include borders, but no further accessories.    

Breakdown of fees:

Design fee......................................

Sourcing Fee...................................

Travel & Admin fee...........................

Making fee....................................

Make that interior what you want it to be with Interior Dressing.com. To enquire, call 07398 727288!

pink sofa with green cushions.jpg

Thank you for your instructions, we will get back to you asap.