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Cushions: Welcome

Made to Order cushions and chair coverings

While cushions, pillowcases and the like are designed for comfort, they're also accent pieces that can make or break the look of any room they're in. To ensure that they don't clash, a bespoke option is always the best way forward and our team at Interior Dressing.Com in Hounslow can provide the service. Contact us to enquire.

To place an order, please fill out the form below

Do you have your own design?

If yes, then please send a photo of your design or your sketch / diagram in pdf) to our email enquiries@Interiordressing.comIf you have chosen your fabric type and colour, please send the materials to us by signed for post at the address provided.

Please note that chair coverings will need a site visit in order to take measurements but also to reach a design plan to suit your interior space.

Please tick your preferred cushion sizes and preference here
Choice of fabric and design style

Thank you for your instructions, we will get back to you asap.   

Cushions: Contact
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Cushions: Services
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Why our bespoke cushion and chair covering service?

Here at Interior Dressing.Com, we specialise in the creation of bespoke cushions, chair coverings and other soft furnishings in order to deliver that perfect mix of style and practicality. Everything is 100% made-to-measure and we often work late into the night in order to deliver on the orders we receive. We promise the highest standards, from the initial enquiry right through to completion, and with over 20 years in the soft furnishings' industry, you can count on us for a professional solution.

Sofa / scatter cushions and chair coverings

Our cushion and pillowcase design service falls into three categories: 

  • Premium: Designs may include varying combinations of features, including 2 different materials, invisible zips, piping, trimmings, tassels, lace or buttons

  • Mid-range: Similar to premium albeit with fewer combinations. Design incorporates zips, piping, buttons, 2 material types and trimmings

  • Plain / basic: Straightforward / plain designs with only a single material, envelope openings or plain zip openings - no buttoned openings

Sofa / scatter cushion standard sizes:

  • 50*50cm fit: to purchase material width of 60cm

  • 45*45cm fit: to purchase material width of 55cm

  • 30*30cm fit: to purchase width of 40cm

We can vary from these dimensions if you want to make your own filler cushions (we do not make internal filler cushions, however).

Chair coverings standard sizes: 

  • 50*70cm fit: required - 90cm

  • 55*75cm fit: required - 1m

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White dotted cushion with pink bows_edited.jpg

Sofa seat and bench cushions

Our sofa seat and bench cushions come in two categories: 

  • Premium: piped and zipped

  • Plain / basic: envelope opening or with tie-up ribbons

These will vary according to the size and shape of the sofa or bench in question. It's why a site visit may be required. However, if you're in a position to supply photos and correct measurements, we can usually proceed without having to make a site visit.

Living Room with Marble Coffee Table
Cushions: Price Quote

Don't settle when you can have the right cushions or chair coverings with Interior Dressing.Com. Call our team now on 07398 727288!

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